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Cubicle Workstations

Current Cubicle Liquidators has an inventory of more than 300 cubicle workstations units for purchase or leasing. Cubicle Liquidators does not restrict its customers to a minimum purchase policy and gives warranty and condition guarantees. Cubicle Liquidators provides fast delivery and quick, professional installations of all cubicle workstations. Cubicle Liquidators is a full service dealer of used and new cubicle workstations in San Diego County. Cubicle Liquidators is the facility that can provide cubicle workstations in good condition to enable the separation of work space areas, provide acoustics and give a little privacy.

Cubicle Liquidators has a showroom in Vista, California and can provide real displays of real in-stock cubicle workstations. Customers can actually view the cubicle workstations in the condition they will be in when delivered and installed in their facilities. Cubicle Liquidators has displayed real pictures of the cubicle workstations on the website so that customers can also view how the cubicle workstations can be arranged and to also see how the accessories fits into the space. As a full service office furniture company providing solutions for furnishing the cubicle workstations of the office workplace Cubicle Liquidators' services include professional delivery and installation, liquidation and removal of assets as well as providing large showroom office furniture selection and new and used office furniture sales and leasing.

For further information on any of Cubicle Liquidators' services customers may contact the professional sales staff at the San Diego or North Country numbers shown on the website. Visitors browsing the Cubicle Liquidators site will find that the cubicle workstations come in several colors, heights and sizes. The Cubicle Liquidators' Carlsbad showroom display cubicle workstations with a minimum of two sets of filing cabinets, overhead storage cabinet, a task light, surfaces and power duplex outlets. The price of the cubicle workstations is based on the quantity and design and the in-stock inventory prices range from 575.00 dollars to 1,475.00 dollars each. The Knoll Dividends cubicle workstations are 6 x 6, 6 x 8 and 8 x 8 and are earth tone grey fabric/dark grey trim and neutral light grey surfaces. These cubicle walls units are in extremely good condition and are acoustical. Cubicle Liquidators provides the Knoll Morrison 65 High 6 x 6, 6 x 7 and 6 x 8 cubicle workstations which are earth tone fabric with black trim, have maple surfaces, they are fully loaded with all accessories.

These cubicle workstations are representative of the best used cubicle inventory in California and are in excellent condition and feature acoustical glass. Cubicle Liquidators offers the Haworth Premise Enhanced Combo 53/69 H 6 x 8 and 8 x 8 cubicle workstations which are earth tone with black trim, have maple surfaces-fully loaded with all accessories and have acoustical glass. Cubicle Liquidators is able to provide the Steelcase Avenir 65 H & 53 H 6 x 8 cubicle workstations. These cubicle workstations have mauve fabric with grey trim surfaces. Cubicle Liquidators has one group of 53 H cubicle walls units and one group of 65 H cubicle wall units all the same color.

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